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The Branch Out Project workshops present a series of interactive drawing challenges that develop participants' powers of observation, flexibility, resilience and foresight, which are all components of creative thinking and problem-solving.

"Drawing permits me to reduce the abstract to the concrete.  Sharpening this ability is a skill that is readily transferable to my professional life." - Edwin P. Smith, Esq.


This is the “before” and “after” result in the first hour of the workshop.

Participants are introduced to a series of drawing exercises that provide a number of benefits to organizations, particularly those operating in changing environments. As a beginner, you:

• surprise yourself by overcoming your perceived inability to master something (i.e. doing something unexpected and outside of your comfort zone) gets you to question your self-imposed constraints and prepares you to take on new challenges,

• work through visual questions whose answers can be ambiguous and encourages perspective from multiple points of view,

• have an opportunity to see your learning habits and preferences, essentially showing you how you learn, and

• learn more about members of your team in a positive and non-threatening way that builds camaraderie and changes relationshipsgiving your team new ways to ask more creative questions and operate more effectively.

Collectively these benefits make you more resilient, less resistant to change and more able to take advantage of opportunities.


This is the “before” and “after” result in the second hour of the workshop.

in the Community

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“You accomplish new things you never thought that you could.”

-High School student, Villanova Initiative for Engaging Women (VIEW).

Young women from various high schools participate in the summer-long Self-portrait Project offered by the Branch Out Project on Villanova University's campus.

Read what they had to say about the benefits of their experience and See the Self-Portrait Projects.

This is the “before” and “after” result in just 12 hours of class instruction.